Thursday, September 22, 2005

4X4 Train & Drive - BELUM

Taiping Offroad Club (TORC) together with
Taiping Amateur Group (TAG), helping District Health
Office Taiping to train their drivers (18 numbers)
to be competence in offroad driving, winching and
relevant know-how. On 23-26 Sept 2005 in the
Belum Valley.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


9W2AGC - Automatic Gain Control is Azlan.
Lecturing Electronics in Ipoh Poly.
Based in Air Kuning, Taiping.
Able to simplex from Bercham at 145.250 Mhz
to Taiping.
You can ask him on how to set-up
a good station.


9m2sy - abang radin mas syukur - good to know
him if you need hardwares. Based in Parit Buntar
used to come to 145.250MHz regularly.
Do not worry about "misai" - he is actually
a very soft person.


eX signal man in the army - leader in TAG
Likes 4x4 v. much. Always heard on 145.250Mhz.


9W2OOO - Badrulhisham, 4x4 tracker
based in Kota Bharu, Kelantan
used to QSY to Taiping to catch 145.250MHz weekly
Senior Engineer by profession.


9W2PWR - Fitri. The youngest ham of the country.
Passed RAE at the age of 14y (2005 April).

A student of Sek Men Kamunting (Form 2).


9W2ARJ - Azam. 2nd Harmonic of 9W2CHE.
A student at UiTM. Most of the time on

local simplex Shah Alam


9W2CHE - Handle Che Hamid.
( Doing Environmental Health)
can be heard on ASTRA REPEATERS

or on 9M2RBB Penang, but most of the
time on local simplex 145.250MHz
Like to drive my 4x4 into the rain forest
on holidays. Keep orchid species.
Call me when you are around Taiping

TAG - Taiping Amateur Group

TAIPING RADIO- is a ham radio blog for Taiping. Call Channel 145.250MHz. Please don't hesitate to call, shout for help or just to say hello when you are within range of simplex coverage ( estimated from PLUS Tunnel before Kuala Kangsar right up to Jawi in Penang) if you are mobiling with a good set up -
.... your blogger..9W2CHE